IntoCare Immersion Workshop-2023 1st Wet Lab in Milan, Italy

Author:IntoCare Date:2023-03-10

On March 10th, 2023, IntoCare launched the first wet lab immersion workshop of the year in Milan, Italy. The workshop aimed to provide a platform for surgeons to evaluate the new technology on the world’s first Intelligent Powered Stapling Platform and offers our global influencers an opportunity to exchange their experiences. The workshop started with a presentation by Dr. Bart Smet, a renowned bariatric surgeon from Belgium who has rich experience in the medical field. He shared his experience of using the IntoCare Intelligent Powered Stapling Platform and other brands. He expressed that Intelligent Powered Stapling Platform offers superior performance, safety and ease of use compared to other brands. 


The workshop also included a hands-on session in the afternoon, where the participants had the opportunity to experience the IntoCare Intelligent Powered Stapling Platform. They were impressed by the smooth operation and perfect staple formation, even when stapling the vessel. Two of the participants, Dr. Wojciech Ciesielski from Poland and Dr. Milan Lerch from Czech Republic expressed their will to organize similar workshops in their hospitals to let more surgeons to experience the new technology.


The workshop was a great success and a testament to the innovation and quality of the IntoCare Intelligent Powered Stapling Platform. And it enhanced the confidence from our end users. 

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