IntoCare International Distributor Conference 2023: Expanding Horizons, Together!

Author:IntoCare Medical Date:2023-09-26

The 2nd IntoCare International Distributor Conference was held in Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania, on September 25th and 26th, 2023. The conference brought together our partners from different regions and countries to exchange experiences, share their market strategies, best practices and insights, and strengthen our partnership and development objectives for the future. The theme of this year's conference was "Expanding Horizons, Together!"


The conference kicked off with a spectacular warm-up video created by all of our esteemed partners. This heartwarming presentation allowed us to collectively relive the meaningful moments we've shared throughout the year. Following the video, a warm welcome speech was delivered by Eva Zhang, the founder and CEO of IntoCare, who expressed her gratitude and appreciation to all the attendees for their support and cooperation. Afterwards, jointed forces with our international sales and marketing team, they together gave an comprehensive overview of the business updates for 2023 highlighting the achievements and challenges faced over the past year. Together, they also took the opportunity to bestow awards upon the high performing distributors  of 2023, recognizing their exceptional contributions and unwavering efforts.



Following Eva's speech, six representatives from Innovamedica, Aspironix, Liaison Medical, MBA, CJ Medical and MSS took the stage to share their market strategies in their respective regions. They showcased their successes and challenges, as well as their plans and goals for the future. The presentations were informative and inspiring, sparking lively discussions and exchanges among the participants.

The first day of the conference concluded with a dinner party, where the attendees enjoyed delicious food and drinks, as well as networking and socializing with each other.

The second day of the conference started with a speech by Dr. Gabriele Manetti from San Giovanni Hospital in Italy. He introduced MiSAR, a new minimally invasive approach for midline hernias, which uses IntoCare powered staplers to repair the midline. He demonstrated the advantages and benefits of this technique, as well as its clinical outcomes and applications.


Following that, Dr. Jaro Van Zande from OLV Hospital in Belgium delivered an insightful speech on the Bow Tie Technique, an innovative approach  to single stapled colorectal anastomosis. Dr. Jaro explained how this technique utilizes the capabilities of IntoCare powered staplers to create a single-stapled anastomosis following sigmoidectomy or (low) anterior resection procedures. Dr. Van Zande also shared an instructive animated video of the Bow Tie Technique to help the audience understand the procedure better.


Subsequently, we connected with Dr. Seongsik Han from Korea National Cancer Center via Zoom meeting. He shared his presentation on the application of IntoCare powered staplers in HPB surgery. He expounded  upon the unique advantages of the IntoCare’s staplers, highlighted the automatic powered operation of the IEC without  the need for manual firing force, resulting in a stable  operation and consistant outcomes. Furthermore, he emphasized another major advantage of IntoCare’s stapler, which is SRT Staple Retaining technology. This not only prevents tissue damage but also avoids unnecessary foreign matter residue in the abdominal cavity.. The presentation was very well-received, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Dr. Han's expertise and his clear explanation of the benefits of IntoCare's stapler in HPB surgery garnered high praise. The live demonstration of the stapling lines effectively showcased the superiority of IntoCare's technology, reinforcing the confidence of the attendees in the product.


The last session of the conference was an open forum and dialogue on the refurbishment plan, which echoed the "go green" open forum that was discussed in last year’s distributor conference in Czech Republic. The participants discussed the current international green policy and also brainstormed ideas and suggestions on how to refurbish old devices and equipment in an eco-friendly way.


The 2nd IntoCare International Distributor Conference was a great success, providing a valuable opportunity for learning, sharing and networking among our partners. The conference also reaffirmed the vision and mission of IntoCare, which is to provide innovative and high-quality solutions for minimally invasive surgery.

The conference drew to a close with a heartwarming group photograph and a poignant farewell address delivered by Eva Zhang. In her speech, she extended her heartfelt gratitude to all the participants for their active engagement and invaluable contributions throughout the year. Eva Zhang also extended a warm invitation to all attendees, encouraging them to mark their calendars and join the eagerly anticipated next distributor conference scheduled for 2024.

This concluding moment was not only a symbolic gesture of unity and togetherness but also a reminder of the strong connections forged during the conference. It left attendees with a sense of anticipation and excitement for future collaborations and innovations within the IntoCare community.


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