IntoCare’s Year-End Gala: A Reflection on the Past and a Look into the Future

Author:IntoCare Date:2024-01-30

On January 29th, 2024, IntoCare held its year-end gala at the W Hotel in Suzhou. The event brought together our dedicated domestic and international teams. We paused to acknowledge the strides we made in 2023 and eagerly looked forward to the ventures awaiting us in 2024.



The evening’s agenda featured a series of engaging presentations, starting with the sales and marketing representatives who shared their experiences and insights from various markets around the globe. Their real-world examples of success were both enlightening and encouraging for the team. The highlight of the evening was the inspiring speech delivered by IntoCare’s CEO, Eva Zhang. Her words resonated deeply, motivating us all to harness the winds of change and propel our endeavors to new heights.




As the night unfolded, we were treated to an array of captivating performances by our talented colleagues, which added a joyous flair to the celebration. Laughter and applause filled the room as we honored our exceptional employees, acknowledging their significant contributions to our company’s achievements.




With this memorable evening, we bid farewell to a year replete with progress and welcome the fresh prospects ahead. United in purpose and strengthened by our shared journey, we are poised to ride the winds of innovation and make waves in the industry in the year to come!

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