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IntoCare's Intelligent Powered Stapling Platform, was used by the Centre for Robotic Surgery of the University Hospital Ostrava for the first time in the Czech Republic

Author:Administrator Date:2022-04-06

The Centre for Robotic Surgery of the University Hospital Ostrava used a powered stapler for the first time in the Czech Republic. IntoCare is honored to be the provider for this powered stapler.  

"The complete mechanism of the stapler, i.e., the approach of tissues, anastomosis and breaks between rows of staples, is carried out fully automatically and electrically. Thus, a certain part of manual surgical work is eliminated and, from my point of view, sophisticated technology also increases the safety of performing anastomosis – i.e., the connection of two divided parts of the intestine. Satisfaction is the maximum after the first use of this new technology. We will certainly continue to use it for operations of malignant tumors on the colon and rectum," quoted by Dr. Lubomír Martínek, The head of the Surgical Clinic at the University Hospital Ostrava, after the completion of surgery. 

IntoCare is dedicated to unsurpassed quality and performance to redefine surgical stapling with innovation. We aim to provide products derived from the needs of surgeons as well as for patients. 

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IntoCare Powered Stapling Platform with E-Stapling Technology, offers an ergonomic, intuitive and uniformed stapling system resulting in a reduced learning curve for surgeons and simplified ease of use, and boosts confidence in consistent anastomotic integrity for a safer surgery.